Convoy of Hope Costa Rica

Convoy of Hope was one the first organizations on the ground after the Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico in September of 2017. We are thankful for the incredible donors and partners who continue to make our quick response possible. Below is a link to a video from The Hope Supply, (a Convoy of Hope blog where you will find updates on our disaster response, children’s feeding program, and stories from our women’s empowerment initiative).

We hope this video is helpful in preparing you to serve in Puerto Rico and give you a feel for what life on the island is like following the storm.

FAQs about Compact

Q: Looking To Adopt?

A: Highlands Adoption and Maternity Services offers nationwide matching and consultation services for “home study ready” adoptive couples. To be home study ready means to have a completed a privately contracted domestic home study (for those wishing to adopt privately) or a state issued home study (for those wishing to adopt from foster care). To learn more about our matching and consultation services, please see “How can COMPACT help me to adopt?” All matching and consultation services are offered free of charge pending acceptance into the program. To obtain an application, please contact the Highlands Placement Director, Ashley Grant, at AGrant @ Compact.Family

Q: Pregnant And Need Help?

A: Highlands Adoption and Maternity Services offers birth mothers a range of services. If you are considering making a parenting plan for your child, online curriculum is available to help you obtain information about having a healthy pregnancy, developing skills and resources to parent your new baby, and to assist in personal and spiritual development. If you are considering making an adoption plan for your child, Highlands has several adoptive couples whom you can prayerfully consider as placement options for your baby. If an adoptive couple is chosen via Highlands, Highlands can help walk you through the entire placement process free of charge (no matter where you live).

Q: How Can Highlands Help Me To Adopt?

A: Highlands offers free matching and consultation services to home study ready adoptive couples who have completed an application and been accepted into the program. Once Highlands receives a copy of your application, your home study, and the supporting documents, you will be notified if you are accepted. If you are accepted into the program, Highlands will match adoptive couples with potential adoption possibilities from around the United States. If the birth mother chooses an adoptive couple from our Highlands approved adoptive couples list, consultation services will be offered for the duration of the adoption process to ensure as smooth a process as possible.

Q: I Have Applied To Adopt; How Can I Increase My Chances Of Being Chosen As An Adoptive Parent By A Birthmother?

A: At Highlands, our first priority is the newborn child and we want to find the best family to wrap around the child. But in order to decrease your wait time, you should prayerfully consider adopting a child who may have special needs or adverse background experiences. Additionally, there is a far greater need for adoptive couples who are willing to adopt children out of foster care than there is in the world of private domestic adoption. Highlands is able to offer its matching and consultation services for couples who are willing to adopt a child from foster care free of charge.

Q: Can I Choose To Adopt One Of The Thousands Of Children In The Foster Care System?

A: Yes! This is a huge need. Highlands is able to help connect you with children from around the United States who are anxiously waiting for a forever family.

Q: Can I Adopt A Child From Overseas?

A: Highlands does not currently perform international adoptions, but it is our intention to upgrade our licensing in the near future to be able to be approved as a Hague Convention placement agency! Please continue to check back for updates in the future.

Q: What Kind Of Home Study Do I Need?

A: The type of home study required is dependent on the type of adoption in which you wish to participate. For private domestic adoptions, you will need a private domestic home study completed by an agency or other professional in your area. For adoptions from foster care, you will need to contact your local Children’s Division office (or its local equivalent) for them to complete your adoption home study. Training hours will be required.

Q: What Is The Average Cost Of An Adoption?

A: Private domestic adoptions vary in price but will range between $25,000-$50,000. The most expensive costs incurred will come from the home study completion, legal fees, travel expenses, and birthmother expenses. Many grants, loans, and fundraising options are available to prospective adoptive parents and are readily available to research via the internet. When adopting from foster care, there is no cost. Training hours will be required before your home study is completed, and potential costs could be incurred if you must travel or obtain legal counsel for cross-state transportation of children.

Q: What Is The Average Wait Time To Be Matched With An Adoptable Child?

A: There is no “average wait time” for being matched as an adoptive couple. The more open you are to take in minority children, older children or children with special needs, the more options you will have for matching. In all matching situations, placement is not guaranteed. In the case of private adoptions, birth mothers will have a say in selecting the adoptive couple with whom they choose to place their child. In the foster care realm, there is often a team of professionals who screen applications and select an adoptive couple from a pool of applicants. However, when adopting from foster care, you can expect to be matched much sooner than when awaiting a match for a private domestic adoption.

Q: Who Do I Contact To Begin The Process?

A: For more information, please contact Ashley Grant at AGrant@Compact.Family
Or visit the Compact Ministry website: